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How Not To Vlog: A Cautionary Tale (but with a giveaway!)

I got the bright idea to make a video blog this afternoon, when two of my three children were at school. If that burst of inspiration had only exploded about four hours earlier, I’d have been home alone.

But if I’d have done that, you’d have a much less unmasked vlog to watch.

Did you catch all that or were you too busy laughing at my son’s antics to hear the instructions?

If so, it’s ok. Here’s the skinny: One participant of this week’s life:unmasked link-up (click here for the back story on life:unmasked) will be selected to win one item from the World Vision Given store! Write (or upload if you do a photo or video) your post and link it here by midnight Saturday to enter!

(If you don’t blog, don’t write unmasked, or just want more chances to win, visit the World Vision blog. Several other bloggers are also giving away certificates to the GIVEN store, so you can enter to win on their blogs too!)

Please please please visit at least one other person’s blog before you go. The goal of this community is to encourage one another in our vulnerability and remind each other that we’re not the only ones with flaws and fiascos.


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  1. Your son’s a trip. Enough said, lol.

  2. No blog post this week, but your son is adorable! Sigh. I miss that age.

  3. Oh my soul! That video was so precious!! I might have to do one of those soon;) Love your hair!

  4. Sorry about the triple linkup!! Didn’t work (so I thought) and then the next time it worked x2. Oh well! Guess I am “unmasked” as a techno idiot! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this link-up where we just get to be ourselves. I don’t think I qualify for the giveaway (I’m from India) – but its fun linking up anyway. Blessings!

  6. whoops! missed your contest. just saw it at midnite:( cinderella lost her shoe!
    just wanted to tell you i loved the vlog. your son is adorable:) you were great too:) m

  7. The video was absolutely adorable!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  8. when two of my three children were at school. If that burst of inspiration had only exploded about four hours earlier


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