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I Knew You Loved Me When (a vlog featuring both of us) ~ #MarriageLetters

Seth and Amber Haines host a weekly series called “Marriage Letters,” and invited us to join them. This week the prompt is “I knew you loved me when…” and Scott and I decided it would be fun to record a conversation where we tell each other our stories and talk about them together. Here’s our submission for this week. Hope you enjoy this peek into our marriage!

Marriage Letters – Special Vlog Edition: “I Knew You Loved Me When” – Scott and Joy Bennett.

If you wrote a marriage letter this week, head over to Amber’s blog to link up.


When did you know your significant other loved you?


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  1. ENCORE!!! absolutely loved it, you two! and couldn’t help but get choked up at scott’s God story. thank you both so much for the beautiful window into your world.

    and when did i know rob loved me? well, i met him the summer before i left for college (at home, w/ was NJ at the time). so the majority of our relationship was spent across almost the exact same 600 miles as you two. but of course my frosh yr we were “just friends.” (even though my suite mates knew exactly where this was headed.)

    and in my soph yr or jr yr, he loved me in a way that i will never forget. i called him to tell him that i was considering initiating a TWIRP date w/ a guy on campus. (wow, had to dust off the archives for that one. “the woman is responsible to pay,” right?) rob & i still weren’t officially dating at the time, but given our mutual interest, i wanted to give him the courtesy of asking him how he felt about it. and his response still blows me away . . .

    he offered me full freedom to go for it. in fact, he URGED me to continue my college experience with full freedom to date others. he did NOT want me to feel tied down (& i never wanted that, either). but i gotta tell ya — that moment in time sealed. the. deal. because he prioritized my emotional well being over “securing” a future together. (and let me add an important note that he is 6 yrs older than me, so while i was starting college, he was already out & likely had buddies who were, in fact, getting married.)

    and when he did that, he demonstrated that true love is willing to set aside its own desires for the sake of another. and even this tends-to-live-life-independently girl could. not. resist. that act of love, that gift of freedom!

    and as you’ve probably gathered by my updates over the past 1.5 yr, his sacrificial love has remained unrelenting amidst the severly-intense demands of my health crisis. in ways that i never, ever would have wanted him to . . . i was weak, so he fed me. i was weak, so he carried me to the bathroom. carried me . . .

    certainly not a picture of life i would have ever imagined for my 30s, but i am seeing gospel grace gushing all over it. i’m rejoicing with you, joy, in the humbling gift that God has blessed each of us with in our husbands. thx for the opp to celebrate that gift today.

    • Wow, I’m just jumping in with your story here through your comment, and what true joy in what you shared. What a word-picture of God’s love here: “certainly not a picture of life i would have ever imagined for my 30s, but i am seeing gospel grace gushing all over it.” I can relate to that, sister! May He give you strength and continue to bless your dear man as he loves you…

      • i’m enjoying bumping into you at different corners of the blog world, laurie. πŸ™‚
        thanks so much for the encouraging spirit that you always bring to a comment thread.
        blessings to you as well, friend!

  2. Ahhhhhmazing – and his story was awesome – and look at the way you look at him – and how you laughed. I heart that! β€œBut he wrote” Your story IS love! And I heart how you reached out for your cat at the end. I hope your weekend went as well as it could have. I remember reading of Ellie – one of the first posts of yours I read. This made me smile (Λ†β—‘Λ†) thank you – and God bless and keep you and yours Joy!

  3. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing your story by video. It’s nice to put a voice to the words I read. πŸ™‚

  4. On a cold. blustery southern CA morning, this story-sharing just warmed me right up! Thanks so much to both of you.

    I think I first knew my husband COULD love me the weekend we went on a small retreat where his uncle was the speaker (his name was Paul Byer and he was kind of a ‘big’ name in IV circles at the time because of his development of the manuscript Bible study method). And Dick chose to hang out with me the entire weekend, something his uncle took note of. I think I knew he DID love me, when we, too, were separated by miles after graduation (though not very many miles actually – I was at UCLA, he moved home to Pasadena to do his MBA at USC), and he wrote me several times a week and we talked on the phone weekly. That was a fairly big commitment to make in 1964, as phone calls were not cheap and easy. That was a good, long time ago now, but it’s fun to reach back into that memory bank and remember the beginnings of our story.

    Thanks for this – really enjoyed it.

  5. Joy, you rock! What a fun idea and such a gift for you two to hang onto and share over the years. Makes me want to start recording my hubby and me with our story. How fun will that be to watch on our 50th anniversary some day, Lord willing! Blessing on you and your marriage as you share your hearts in this project.

  6. This was a treasure! I loved not just getting to hear your stories but getting a glimpse of your interaction with each other as well. It’s so true, as Amber puts it, that going hard after your own marriage encourages others to do the same, so thank you. So much.

  7. Precious! Thank you for sharing! My favorite things about watching was being able to see the love in your faces.

  8. oh my goodness, my heart is warmed from this video πŸ™‚ …i LOVED this! joy, you are SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! and scott, i can SEE the love you have for joy and it makes me so happy. ahhhhhhhh πŸ™‚ happiness happiness. xoxoxo. such a lovely couple you two are πŸ™‚