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Community: Born in an Airport ~ Five Minute Friday

I scanned the faces in the terminal nervously, looking for a glimpse of the tiny little avatars that streamed by in my Twitter feed. We were about to spend a week with each other, and here was the moment of truth. So many were “well-known” online and I was no-one, and I wondered if I would be accepted.

I spotted them, a trio of smiles making a beeline for me. Elizabeth’s smile was like sunshine and everyone laughed and hugged and we all talked at once and my heart exploded. Writers. Christians. My people.

We sat around a long table in the airport restaurant, eating our last American meal for a week and waiting for the rest of the team to trickle in from cities across the country. Very few had traveled overseas, let alone to a poor country like Bolivia. All of us left family behind. But we were a new family, an internet family finally together in person. I knew we’d be friends for life.

©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision


Five minutes is barely enough time to share even this small snippet of what swirled through my head when I read The Gypsy Mama’s writing prompt for Five Minute Friday this week, “Community.”  What do you think of when you hear the word “Community”?


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  1. i just love this.
    simple. straight to the point. community is born in so many different ways, yes?
    sometimes being “thrust” into it is the best way to develop it.
    have a fabulous day, joy!

    • So true — some of the best friends I’ve made, in fact probably most of my closest friends, are people I’ve met going WAY out on a limb. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post! And you are right…5 minutes is not enough time to express my gratitude for community!

  3. Community comes at such odd times, strange places. Yet, we all need it. Beautiful post, friend.

    • Exactly. Who knew that a community could be spread across the planet? One of the Bolivia team members just moved to New Zealand!

  4. I miss you.

  5. Ooh, I love how this scene was described. It transports me to a similar experience – meeting up with eight college-students, all of us not knowing each other, but spending a month in China together teaching English. Precious people that provided amazing community for a life-changing experience. I forget sometimes how community can come together in the neatest ways.

  6. How true that sometimes community and friendship finds us at unexpected intervals – and I can so relate to that initial self – doubt about being accepted as everyone else seems so much more …… something!
    Thanks for the words and yes, lets celebrate new friends becoming old friends

  7. I remember this exact moment 🙂 One of many moments I’ll never ever forget. XO.

  8. Love this post – so encouraging – shared in such a fun way with the pictures. Thank you!