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Where I’ll Be in the Month of May

hammockFor a year now, I’ve committed to write Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday here on the blog. It has been excellent writing discipline and the consistency is something I hear that blog readers like. (Do you like consistency?)

I’ve felt this pull in my spirit for the last few weeks to step away from this schedule, at least for a time. I’ve decided to follow that urge and give myself a break during the month of May. This means I will only post if I have something to say. I do have a few posts planned, mostly guest posts for others, so I won’t completely disappear. But I won’t write three times a week for awhile, and I won’t be on Twitter or Facebook much.

I plan to spend more time reading, writing other things, working on our home, and just resting. My soul needs some space, some quiet, and some time to heal. Taking some of the things off my plate for a time seems to be a good way to give my soul that space it needs.

Have you ever made yourself some space to breathe and rest and heal? How did you do it? How did it go?

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  1. Enjoy the rest. It’s always the right choice. Blogging can be such a soul-nourishing thing, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming and…just…a lot…to get things online on a consistent basis. May you find God in new ways in the quiet spaces.

    • Thank you, Addie. I’ve been in seasons where blogging did nourish my soul, but this is a different one and I’ve realized that I need to do something different. Hopefully this is the thing.

  2. You better not go too far…there are a few of us out here who need you! 🙂 May you get out of your hiatus exactly what you’re looking for, Sister. We love you and will be waiting with open arms for your return.

  3. That sounds so good. I hope it brings you everything you need. xo

  4. I recently had to do this same thing. I went from five days/week to “when it happens”. I’m going against everything the rules fo the blogosphere said, but I had to. I wasn’t being authentic anymore. I was simply writing to write and that wasn’t bringing God any glory.

    • Writing to write… sometimes we need to do that, but it doesn’t always need to go on the blog. And you’re right — if it isn’t bringing God glory, we need to step back.

  5. Good for you! There are so many shoulds in this life. We need to be released from them once in awhile. But it takes courage to step away. I hope this step away is life-giving for your soul.

  6. I say we all declare May to be a month of resting! I’m happy to join you in this, friend.

    • What an interesting coincidence that so many of us feel the need to rest this month. It is wonderful to be free to do it. Praying your month of rest is refreshing as well.

  7. Breaks are so important! When I started writing my novel last year, I knew I couldn’t keep up a 5 days a week schedule but figured I could work with 3. But even that can become wearying. When I launched my This Is How We Met series in February, I wrote once a week and filled the rest of the month with guest posts for the series. It was a luxury and it was just what I needed. I hope you’ll fill May with good soul-restoring stuff and come back refreshed.

  8. Thankful you are taking some time to be intentional about rest!

    • It has been a difficult thing to learn, but rest is so important. Thank you for the encouragement!

  9. It’s nice to hear that someone is making rest a priority. I am in my last week of leave from my stressful job. My advice is do what makes you feel rested. I am cooking/baking, reading crappy fiction and trying to nap. So bless you during this mini-Sabbatical!

    • Hahahahah at reading crappy fiction! I’m planning to get outside and also do some reading for fun. 🙂 Have any titles you can recommend?

      • I am just getting around to reading the 2nd. book of the Hunger Games series. It’s not that it’s crappy fiction…just consumer culture fiction. I just need something that is TOTALLY different from my current occupation or anything to do with the career I’m pursuing. I need a mental and emotional break from life.

        I have a stack of books (in line with my future career in fighting poverty) ready for me to read when I can get my bearings back.

        What will you be reading?

        • I’m reading a memoir a friend of mine, Clay Rivers, wrote called “Walking Tall.” I’m really enjoying it. Other than that, I’m not sure what I’ll read, but like you, I need an escape from my real life.

          • Wow his books sounds awesome. He kind of reminds him of people like me and you who have been through shit, but can still clearly live a vibrant life. *I don’t know that personally about you, just from your about you section…

  10. Enjoy your sabbatical! : )

  11. Brava! I leave tomorrow morning for 10 days vacation followed by several days with my mom to get her to various doctor’s app’ts. So I won’t be posting regularly either. I think you are very, very wise to do this, Joy. Enjoy the change of pace and come back refreshed. SO important.

  12. Will you write a guest post on my blog? 🙂

  13. You won’t regret it 🙂

  14. Joy,

    You know when you’re trying to squeeze a bottle of liquid soap refill into a soap dispenser and you squeeze it ’til both sides are touching each other and no more soap is coming out? Then you have to turn it right side up and let it fill up with air so that you squeeze out the rest of what you were trying to get out? I hope that the month of may is a soap-bottle-right-side-up-filling-with-air-so-you-can-keep-dispensing time for you.

  15. Everyone needs rest and time away. I’ve taken short and sometimes long breaks from blogging. I don’t regret it. Now, I have never taken a break from writing, but not everything can be shared on such a public/private stage as a blog. I am planning a bit of a break in June to finish up writing projects and transitioning to another stage in my parenting or to be more specific step-parenting journey. I know I will need quiet and rest to piece me back together. Enjoy this time.

  16. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing this for yourself! It will not only nourish YOU in so many important ways, but it is a good reminder to all of us to be brave enough to do what needs to be done to care for ourselves.

  17. Enjoy the break, I’m in desperate need of some time away but i never seem to find it.

  18. Praying this is a restorative time for you. These are important seasons. I know that when you’re here, it will be important. And you know your readers will be here whenever you come back.

    Hugs, my friend!

  19. I totally understand. I year ago I was posting 7 times a week. Then I went to 6 days. Now I’d like to strive for 5 days, am happy if I get 4, but am totally fine with the weeks that it’s even less than that because I just don’t have the time or the words to put out there. 🙂

  20. I’m glad that you can come to the peace in giving yourself some rest. In the Fall I needed to do this. I’m not on a schedule like you, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m okay with that for this time. I would stress about losing readers or not building a community if I wasn’t as consistent; but, I speak with God about it and he reminds me of why I need to do things and why I don’t.

    Going on vacation, enjoying a different creative outlet and experiencing life are more important to me at this stage of life, than linking back posts, editing, etc. Maybe the month of May with all of nature’s new life bursting forth is like a call for us to birth new life. So, I’m thinking of all the ways I am going to use rhubarb, make most of these Spring & early Summer days before a newborn:)

  21. Good for you Joy. I have done that and somehow I am still in some sort of a hiatus from blogging. For me (personally) I was too caught up in the “blogging” world. Too focus on the stats, how often people were visiting my blog, number of followers, and how many comments I had. I was obsessed! I began having guest posts every Friday and the funny thing those are quickly becoming my most popular posts. And the break has been good, it has been good for learning boundaries and thinking about priorities> rest, enjoy! Your blog followers will still be here, we appreciate your honesty. 🙂

  22. I pray this season of restoration will be filled with inspiration, grace, peace and love.

  23. I hope you have a wonderful rest and are rejuvenated.

  24. Hey there
    I love your blog and I usually stop by on a Wednesday and check in with the other linky things and catch up on your blog.

    I have M.E. so I can only write a blog post when I’m well enough, which varies and is a little unpredictable. I would prefer to be consistent – I LIKE consistency and it can feel hard to step away from something that connects me with others. But there are other good things that can come from needing to step away, like knowing you can, and that people will be there when you come back. And time to be in the present and with God and family and thinking and creation…

    I wish you every blessing as you take this time of refreshment. Xxx

  25. You need to take a break and have a rest.. Make sure you will be stress free so that you will really enjoy it.. Come back for more..

  26. I took the month of May off of all social visits. We still did church, we still did the Bible Talk we have in our homes Friday nights and I still did the individual Bible studies for women as long as they fell during the week. Everything else we said no to. I needed it.

    I was burnt out – physically (probably low iron from my miscarriage) where I was having heart palpitations and feeling faint, as well as emotionally/spiritually. I was always grumbling under my breath against God and people. I could see that I was not in a good place. It’s going well. We spend a lot of time in the garden. I finally had the strength for my prayer walk. I’m trying to get re-juiced.

    But as for blogging, I’ve only ever done it when I felt like it – never a schedule. I hope you get re-juiced too.


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