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Healthy for the Holidays – A Gift Guide

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Many of you know that my daughter was born with congenital heart defects and spent her eight short years with us fighting off infections and other complications. I made it my full-time job to make our home as healthy as possible. Even though Elli is no longer with us, we still work hard to stay healthy. We have new considerations, including skin sensitivities, food intolerances, and allergies to antibiotics, plus the germs we’re all exposed to at work and school, especially at this time of year. We have our share of stories of missing holiday gatherings because we were all puking our guts out, just as I’m sure you do.

These years of hanging out with doctors and nurses has taught me a lot. I’ve also learned a lot from other moms with special issues to manage among their families. One of the biggest threats to our health, I’ve learned, are the things we allow into our homes: foods and chemicals. We are trying, as our budget allows, to use organic and natural foods and cleaners (both personal cleansers and home cleaners). These items don’t exacerbate asthma and respiratory conditions, nor do they send me running to call Poison Control if the kids get into something they shouldn’t.

You won’t catch me whipping up a batch of cookies or giving candy gifts. It sometimes seems like a losing battle, but I watch our sugar intake. Have you ever wondered why winter is the most common time to get sick? It’s because we eat candy and desserts from Halloween through Easter. I’ve learned that consuming sugar weakens the immune system for up to six hours. While I haven’t developed the backbone to banish all sugar from our house… yet … I do try to keep it to a minimum.

So, what to do? I like to give gifts that help.

You can give meaningful gifts (I’m rather partial to the World Vision gift catalog), and you can give healthful gifts. Since World Vision has already put together a fabulous gift guide, I’ve compiled a guide to giving healthy gifts for you. I have found a company that specializes in all-natural, organic, clinically-researched products and is highly respected for their science (they partner with NASA, MIT, and several US Olympics teams, UC Berkley School of Public Health, and just to name a few). You can either click the links in the guide, or shop my secure online store.

Gifts to Pamperenfuselle skin care

For the Active Lifestyle

Sports Nutrition

Gifts that Keep On Giving

Get Clean Accessories

Party Favors or Hostess Gifts for $10 or less

Cinch Energy Tea


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  1. Dear Joy,
    My husband and I are trying to start implementing more healthy eating into our daily lifestyles. Although we haven’t totally cut out all sugar, I have recently bought some Stevia&vanilla drops. I’ve read things about them being all natural, but what do you think about using them with children? I’m not sure if I should allow my grandchildren to eat the tapioca pudding I’ve made with the Stevia drops or not? Since you are more up-to-date on healthy things for the family, I thought you might know more about this. Thanks!
    Debra Seiling http://bible-passages.blogspot.com and http://christian-overeaters.blogspot.com

  2. Yep. Sugar gets us every year right about now. I’m glad you said it outloud… people think I’m crazy for pointing to it as one of the main culprits when we get sick.

  3. Oh goodness. The skin on my belly is just begging for some of that ultra moisturizing creme! Sounds divine! Thanks for the ideas, friend.

  4. Love these ideas, Joy! And I won’t be baking either because I really dislike baking…and the clean up!