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A Traditionally-Ordained Pastor Weighs In on Ordination

Yesterday, a friend and colleague of mine wrote a response to my post on A Deeper Story about being ordained in Sri Lanka. She, as a traditionally-ordained Baptist minister, is very interested in continuing the conversation about varying ways to view ordination and how the church can better reflect the kingdom of God. I appreciated her thoughts so much that I had to share them with you.

The ministry of these women I know inspires me. It challenges me. And I feel a sense of collegiality with them. Though they might feel inferior at first to me because I have seminary degree (ridiculous really that we have to have these barriers), in the end it matters little. If at all. From where I sit, we are sisters. We know what it feels like to be called by God to teach, to care for and even preach to those in need a word of good news. Pastors are just who we are.

Read her entire post here. What do you think about ordaining people within and without the traditional [American concept of the] church? Is it a flawed system in need of renovation? If so, what?

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  1. I am the pastor of a spiritual family that meets non-traditionally and on purpose in a cafe/coffee house in downtown Davenport, IA. Actually, because of our age, my wife and I present ourselves as the mother and father of the house. Spiritual Family is not a sound byte phrase used in a typical church mission statement. We are, in fact, becoming increasingly just that. There are about 80 of us from all walks of life economically, socially, and educationally. One of our prime goals is to restore dignity to people who’ve typically lost theirs for a variety of reasons. And, Praise God, it’s working. Jesus is the “Hero of Our Story” whose Salvation covers exceedingly more than a ticket to heaven. We believe that God’s story starts with Genesis 1 and not Genesis 3. In His economy a pastor is the original greek definition, a caretaker who “takes care of” people in the ways the needs dictate. They do not have man appointed “authority over” but a “God wiring” to be what they are much like a wood worker is God designed to be a builder of wood things. Respect for our calling is earned not given by ecclesiastical appointment. It works out far more God honoring and man honoring that way.