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God Has Let Me Down. There. I Said It.


“People will let you down, but your Father God will never let you down.”

At first, the idea wraps my soul in a warm blanket and I sink happily into its warm folds. Until I think about the two brothers I wrote about at work. The younger one has cerebral palsy, and since they live 4.5 miles from school down a deeply rutted dirt road impassable for his wheelchair (and too poor to own a car), the older boy carries his brother on his back to and from school every day.

I think about how their difficulties are exponentially greater than mine.

I can’t help but think of my daughter Elli, her heart defects, brain injury, cerebral palsy and seizure. How much tougher her life would have been had we lived in another country. I think of her death more than five years ago now. I think of my youngest’s physical issues and the bullies who go after my other children. I think of so much pain and brokenness and evil that I hurl the soul blanket to the floor and stomp on it.

How can such a saying comfort me?

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Reclaiming Eve: Why We Need to Stop Blaming Her for Everything

I enjoy talking with other writers and authors so much, and I love encouraging people to use their gifts. So when Beacon Hill Press asked if I’d be willing to facilitate a conversation with the authors of the new book, Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God, I jumped at the chance.

Two of the three authors were available, so I met with Jamie Wright and Suzanne Burden on Google Hangout last Friday on our lunch hour for a live on-air chat. Isn’t technology cool??? Plus, the entire 45 minute conversation is now available on Youtube for everyone who wasn’t able to watch that day.

The heart and passion Jamie and Suzanne have for women and for the kind of partnership they see God calling us to in the Bible is so hopeful and encouraging. I’m still reading the book, so I will post more about it later, but it is such a positive message for both men and women. At its core, the book examines the story of Eve in Genesis, exposes all the ways we’ve read her story wrong, and encourages us to embrace the real Eve and the calling God gave her and every woman since. This calling is independent of our life circumstances, it’s for any woman, whether single, married or widowed, whether a mother or not, whether stay-at-home, work-at-home, or work-away. Tune in below!

I Taught You to be Afraid: A Letter to My Children

The last time I felt the I-did-this-wrong guilt this heavy was the day your big sister died. That day and for weeks (months?) after, I agonized over every minute of her last day, wondering what if she died because of my mistake?

Today, I fight back tears and the urge to rend my clothes and don sackcloth and ashes over something I know I did. This guilt has no what-if escape hatch.

I taught you to be afraid of God. And you learned well.


Last night, you sobbed into my arms as you confessed that you don’t always believe. [Read more...]