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My Writing Elsewhere

On occasion I get to write on topics that don’t quite fit here. Or I write something for work that I’m especially proud of. Other times I contribute to another blogger’s series. Here are a few of those posts.

BEYOND: The Feed the Children blog

  • Poverty, Injustice, and (Lack of) Connections It’s hard to say which comes first, the lack of connections, the injustice and abuse, or poverty. But people under the poverty line live in a cutthroat world where no one is there to make people play by the rules.
  • Children Giving to Children  My children are like most children. When confronted with a real person in real need, their hearts move immediately to help. They give generously and without reservation. But when they no longer see the need, they forget all about it.

Jesus Needs New PR: Why You Should Date Your Church The church can divorce you. Seems like a good idea to know this before you marry, er, I mean join, a church.

Rachel Held Evans:

Deeper Story: I contribute stories here once a month (or more). View a list of all my Deeper Story posts here. Here a few of my favorites:

  • I Am Not Your Holy Spirit: “Forgive me for trying to be your Holy Spirit.”
  • Burn, Ladies, Burn: “I have this fire in my belly, Joy. I want to yell at the church to wake up. I want to fight injustice. But I can’t, because I’m a woman. Why would God do this to me?”
  • Chauvinism Is Alive and Well… and Not Just in Bolivia: “We paint the abuse and control of women in terms of God’s plan for them and pile on the guilt when women fail to call it beautiful.”
  • Upside Down: “Of all the things God could tell Christians to do, he says to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and give shelter to the homeless.”
  • Hiding: …”It hasn’t always been like this, me tolerating his physical affection and then retreating to my own space. The very idea would have confounded me thirteen years ago…”
  • Unbreakable: …”When you met me, I knew. When you promised yourself to me and sealed your promise in the water, I knew you wouldn’t keep it.”

GoannaTree: I Wasn’t There for Her This post is part of the 16 Days of Action toward eliminating violence against women.

That Guy KC: Different Is Good… Really! A couple that won’t let each other be different will break apart.

Alise-Write: Depression’s Dreaded Sidekick (post for the Not Alone series on depression)

Giving Up On Perfect: Raising Special Needs Children:  Heart Defects and Brain Injury

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee: Two-part series on engaging with the world as Christian families

Ironic Mom: This Too Shall Pass A medical adventure involving a coin of unknown value, x-rays, and messing with radiology technicians. All on a heavy dose of decongestants.

Nurse’s Notes: The Great Campus Security Maxi-Pad Caper   A tale of the kind of trouble not-so-good Baptist girls get into in college.

BlogHer Book Reviews: The Courage to Find a New Way: “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks