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My Writing Elsewhere

Sometimes I like to write on topics that don’t necessarily fit here. Some are too gritty for this space. Other times I contribute to another blogger’s series. You will find links to some of those posts below.


Jesus Needs New PR: Why You Should Date Your Church The church can divorce you. Seems like a good idea to know this before you marry, er, I mean join, a church.

Rachel Held Evans:

Deeper Story: I contribute stories here once a month (or more). View a list of all my Deeper Story posts here. Here a few of my favorites:

  • I Am Not Your Holy Spirit: “Forgive me for trying to be your Holy Spirit.”
  • Burn, Ladies, Burn: “I have this fire in my belly, Joy. I want to yell at the church to wake up. I want to fight injustice. But I can’t, because I’m a woman. Why would God do this to me?”
  • Chauvinism Is Alive and Well… and Not Just in Bolivia: “We paint the abuse and control of women in terms of God’s plan for them and pile on the guilt when women fail to call it beautiful.”
  • Upside Down: “Of all the things God could tell Christians to do, he says to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and give shelter to the homeless.”
  • Hiding: …”It hasn’t always been like this, me tolerating his physical affection and then retreating to my own space. The very idea would have confounded me thirteen years ago…”
  • Unbreakable: …”When you met me, I knew. When you promised yourself to me and sealed your promise in the water, I knew you wouldn’t keep it.”

GoannaTree: I Wasn’t There for Her This post is part of the 16 Days of Action toward eliminating violence against women.

That Guy KC: Different Is Good… Really! A couple that won’t let each other be different will break apart.

Alise-Write: Depression’s Dreaded Sidekick (post for the Not Alone series)

Giving Up On Perfect: Raising Special Needs Children:  Heart Defects and Brain Injury

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee: Two-part series on engaging with the world as Christian families

Ironic Mom: This Too Shall Pass A medical adventure involving a coin of unknown value, x-rays, and messing with radiology technicians. All on a heavy dose of decongestants.

Nurse’s Notes: The Great Campus Security Maxi-Pad Caper   A tale of the kind of trouble not-so-good Baptist girls get into in college.

The Well-Written Woman: The Theology of Survivor: Redemption Island

BlogHer Book Reviews: The Courage to Find a New Way: “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks