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Independence: the False Gospel Destroying American Christianity

The second hardest life lesson I’ve had to confront is asking for help. The hardest one has been actually accepting the help.  (Note: I haven’t mastered either one yet.)

I’ve always been a capable person with the full calendar and resume to prove it. But ever since our oldest daughter was born with life-threatening complications, it was like having someone press my nose into the mud of my personal weakness and hold it there. It was a shock to discover how incapable I could be. It forced me to examine why it was so painful to accept that I need help. Why is it so humiliating to ask for and accept that help? [Read more...]

Summer in New York City (Part 3 of How We Met)

I’ve been writing about how my husband and I met and got together, especially since I had decided guys named Scott were bad news and he was very much Not Looking. It definitely helped that he was a letter-writer and I had an adventurous streak. This is part 3.

Summer in the City

new york city crew

The second-shift crew from VideoGraphics

For 12 glorious weeks, I lived in an apartment on 6th and Broadway, right across the street from Macy’s. You know, right where all the dancers dance and the singers sing during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Right there. I took over the lease for a girl who was moving to Michigan for grad school. My $640 monthly rent was one-fourth of the total and got me half a bedroom, a mattress on the floor, a bathroom, and use of the kitchen. I was barely there except to sleep though, so it was perfect. [Read more...]

Dating Other People (How We Met, Part 2)

Yesterday, I shared the first part of the story of how Scott and I met. Today, I’m sharing a second part of the story. (Yes, that means there’s a third part. I’m on a roll!)

Letters. On Paper. Mailed with Stamps!


A few casual dates, one formal one (Scott asked me to the Junior-Senior Banquet—a banquet and NOT a dance because we were a decent Baptist college, you see), and several weeks later, Scott graduated from college and moved to New York City. Since I had two years left of school and Scott had been burned by long-distance relationships before, we agreed that we were NOT together. We agreed that we would date other people, and we promised to write (even though I was skeptical – I’d heard that from other guys and the letters never came).

But Scott actually wrote me real letters on paper, with pens, mailed with stamps, all summer and into my junior year of college. I kept writing even though I didn’t think I’d see him again, partly because I wasn’t ready to give up hope and partly because it was so much fun. He made me laugh like no one else. [Read more...]