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The Achilles Heel of Complementarian Theology

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Women are subordinate but not inferior. The weaker sex. Created equal in value while called to a role of lower (or no) authority.

Evangelical Christians call these ideas about women (and men) “complementarianism” or the complementarian view of gender roles. We’ll talk about what this word means in a minute, but first a couple of notes.

I’m an insider, having been immersed in complementarian theology from birth. I know it inside and out.

I’m also an outsider.  [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Need Your Help

It doesn’t take long to name recent well-known powerful people and their businesses for whom Christians have taken up. The owners of Chick-fil-A. Dave Ramsey. Sarah Palin. That one dude on Duck Dynasty. We call it “Culture Wars” and we take it so very seriously.
How you ever stopped to ask why we do that? Why do Christians get up at arms for someone with plenty of money, influence, and resources and who doesn’t know them and never will?

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Independence: the False Gospel Destroying American Christianity

The second hardest life lesson I’ve had to confront is asking for help. The hardest one has been actually accepting the help.  (Note: I haven’t mastered either one yet.)

I’ve always been a capable person with the full calendar and resume to prove it. But ever since our oldest daughter was born with life-threatening complications, it was like having someone press my nose into the mud of my personal weakness and hold it there. It was a shock to discover how incapable I could be. It forced me to examine why it was so painful to accept that I need help. Why is it so humiliating to ask for and accept that help? [Read more...]